pro-alopeciata is a scientifically formulated topical treatment containing natural phyto extracts that effectively rectifies root causes in the hair follicles. Experience hair growth as early as 2 weeks and a full growth within 12 weeks. Treatment can be discontinued once hair follicles have return to its normal healthy condition.

Reasonable Price

Treatment priced between USD 69.80 to USD 159.80

Positive reviews

Numerous customer reviews in blogs & forums

Easy to use

Simple to administer & can be discontinued upon recovery

Naturally formulated

Phyto extracts scientifically blended with essential oil

Free global shipment with track & trace

Shipped anywhere around the world for no extra charge

 No side effects

Scientific 100% natural formulation with zero side effects

pro-alopeciata recovery process

A two pronged action treatment that effectively rectifies the abnormal concerntration of immune cells around hair follicles at the affected area. Meanwhile nutritious hair oil reactivates and rejuvenates weakened hair follicles that had remained dormant for an extended period of time. Nourished follicles will once again become self sustainable and recovers to its normal condoition.




How to get pro-alopeciata

pro alopeciata is exclusively available online in an effort to maintain a high standards of quality and to exclude use of any preservatives. At the same time, this method has proven to protect our clients from couterfeits. Regrow your hair and confidence naturally through these 6 simple steps:


Place Order

Place an order with a method of your choice

Confirm Mailing Address

Reply our address confirmation email


Track & Trace Shipment

Get shipment updates at track and trace site

Receive Shipment

Delivery is made between 2 - 4 weeks

Apply Treatment

Follow the recommended treatment application


Start Recovery

Notice hair growth at affected area

Success Rate and Price

2 very important considerations before opting for a treatment are the effectiveness and cost. Below are the comparisons between various treatments

pro-alopeciata (USD 69.80 - USD 159.80)


Imuno Supressent (USD 1900)


Topical Corticosteroid (USD 200 - USD 1000)


PUVA (USD 2000 - USD 4000)


Why people like us?

Easy to use

pro-alopeciata is the simplest Alopecia Areata treatment I've used and effective. I just unpacked and started application

Delivery took a while, i was able to track the shipment 24/7. Email updates kept me posted on shipment progress until it reached me.
email support all throughout treatment provided assistance whenever I needed most.
A reasonable price makes pro-alopeciata affordable. Together with free shipment it is cost effective relative to many other solutions.

Natural Plant Extracts

Formulated with natural phyto extracts makes pro alopeciata and pro alopeciata advanced formulation a safe and highly effective. Specifically formulated for Alopecia Areata this treatment is not only affordable but is also easy to use through simple instructions.

Don't Subject Yourself to Chemicals

Many alopecia areata treatments have been formulated for other autoimmune diseases that contains high level of chemical content. When these same applications are extended to treat Alopecia Areata it may cause other complications which are eliminated by pro alopeciata.

It has always been our focus to ensure pro alopeciata could reach out to as many as possible. Driven by quality, we have managed to sustain the cost within a reasonable pricing optimized to include shipping while prioritizing complex phyto extraction process and pro alopeciata's efficacy rate.

The moment an order is placed, we will begin the journey to deliver pro alopeciata right to your doorstep. From confirming your mailing address until the shipment arrives to its destination our Warehousing and Shipping Team will keep a tab on the progress while updating as and when requested. All this has been included into the treatment price.

We are just a chat away if you are in need of any assistance or information. Just drop a message if we are offline and we will get back to your request within 72 hours.


When a colleague suggested pro alopeciata advanced formulation, I was sceptical in the beginning. When I felt hair sprouting out, I became speechless.

-Steve/ Texas, US

I came to know about this pro alopeciata advanced formulation through Yahoo Answers, words just cant express how thankful I am to the person who answered my question

-Cindy/ Nevada, US

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